Thursday, October 30, 2008

Individual Throttle body for the S2k

TODA Individual Throttle Bodies greatly improve engine response and power output through the use of one throttle body per cylinder. Throttle Response is improved due to the reduction in volume of air within the intake manifold. By elimintaing "pumping loss", throttle response is greatly improved. Each cylinder receives a fuller charge of air/fuel especially at low to mid engine speeds. This is due to the independent throttlebodies and more effective injector positioning.

Improved induction efficiency supplies the engine with the correct quantities of air/fuel on demand. 1. Equal length intake runners.. 2. Straight induction ports. 3. Individual throttle bodies are individually smaller in volume, but collectively larger in volume. This allows for both low-end torque, and high-end power. 4. Airflow bench tested trumpet.

But keep in mind though tuning ITBs properly needs a stand-alone ECU and a tuner who understands how to use TPS sensor data instead of MAP sensor data.

There's also a need to filter out the velocity stacks by means of a foam filter or a custom air box and long cold-air tube and filter arrangement to draw in cold air. Remember the engine bay with the oem hood traps in a lot of heat.

Amuse S2000 GT1

A beautifully crafted wide body for the S2000 from Power House Amuse~

Club Meeting

To all members! on Sunday (02/11/08) Patang, there's gonna be a club meeting.
Where?? : meet up tempat biasa.
Time?? : will confirm again. maybe around 2pm pasal janji melayu lagi apa memang kul 3 tu karang.
Attendance compulsory kalau inda dapat dtg, MC is required hehehe just kidding. 
bah for more info just contact me. 

Photo by ©2008 ~Stoelen7

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

S2000 Type R

S2000 type R? Not exactly. This is the Next generation Mugen S2000 but hopefully Honda would make a type R for the s2k in the future.

Specs for the car is yet be known but is most probably going to be the same as previous mugen S2000 models. The kit is not in production yet, for those interested in the kit you'll just have to wait. Fyi i think it's widebody.

Enjoy the pics guys~

Honda DeviantArt

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Brunei Carbon Fiber

Dealer and importer of Quality Made in Japan CF products for your car!

Out of Topic: Spy Pen ?? - You Decide!

2GB Recording Pen
-Promotional Price: $170.00/-
4GB Recording Pen - Promotional Price: $200.00/-

For Order, pls call : 8713139 (Augustus)

or Email:

Monday, October 27, 2008

Spoon 4-pot Caliper and Brake Pads for FN2R..

Having problem with your FN2R brake? Fed-up with the vibration you always encounter when braking from high speed.
Fear not, now you can upgrade your brake caliper from the standard 1-pot to Spoon's 4-pot caliper. Caliper comes with bracket and brake pads.

Spoon Brake Pads

Spoon 4-pot Caliper Bracket

Spoon 4-pot Caliper

Interested in the Spoon brake caliper and brake pads.. email to or sms to +673-8713139 for more information.

Note: You'll need to use back your original rotor.

For other Honda model, email to

One last set left for FN2R (in Singapore)... If you wanna be the second FN2R with upgraded brakes after Lou's VTTR, Book now!! :)

Note: You need wheels with offset of +40 to clear the caliper!!

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Picture of the Week

Seluar siapa tu nah? hehehe

Hari Raya At MrWrxDC5

Still in the Raya Mood! Thanks for inviting us bro. great food!! :)
inda ku sampai makan soto~ hehe

Group photo: Blazing R/Bct/Gen2/Carzine/MrWrxDC5

Car Club Meeting

Just had a meeting with all car clubs at gadong properties. Whats the meeting about?? adeleerrrrrrrrrr! nanti kan d pawagam NOV 2008 :P
Btw sorry yo kami akhir datang..biasa janji melayu~ and Banjir hujan memanjang inda membagi channnn! Its the Rainy Season, so please Drive Safely Everyone! slow slow saja :)

"The Honda Family"

Everything to let go

Hello to all blazing team, I'm want to let go my HKS F con Sz ecu with navigator as shown below for $1.2k no harnesses. Actual price is $2500.

And also if you interested for the mugen N1 ecu (limited) for DC5 or EP3 (not sure but maybe can fit). I'm willing to let go for $1.7k.

This is the cheapest price that i offer to all of you.
Interested please sms this number. 8853565. Thanks guys.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

GruppeM for FN2R - Group Buy

I have opened a group buy for the above item in the blazingTYPE-R forum.. Please put your name in the list to order.

GruppeM Installation on Lou's FN2

Full Carbon Fiber Ram Air System
101% SATISFACTION GUARANTEED!! right lou? hehe
August's FD2R with GruppeM Intake

Cana bro?? Pasang tia GruppeM?? hehe

R8 & R11

PoisonDC5 & FreakDC5

Thursday, October 23, 2008

New Honda City in Brunei

1.5 L i-VTEC Engine
The New CITY’s i-VTEC engine is developed for all-round performance. It delivers high output, fuel efficiency and environmental-friendly performance. Intake valve timing and valve lift settings switch to meet both low- and high-speed driving requirements. Optimized valve overlap in the low-, mid- and high-speed ranges enhances intake and exhaust efficiency for excellent performance with plenty of torque throughout all speed ranges.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Honda Drift

Who said honda FF cars are not good for drifting?? Keisuke Hatakeyama Drift Meister will show you how to drift a Honda Civic (ef). sorry nada translator, paham2 sendiri saja hehe :P

Honda CR-Z Concept....Cool hah

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ocelot -

Check out ocelot site awesome photography work :) Thanks for the pic bro! 

photo by 'ocelot
(click image for better view)