Friday, March 19, 2010

CR-Z Tuning Begins In Japan

Tuned by Mugen

At the moment Mugen as expected has the jump on the CR-Z tuning scene as they already have released a complete tuning package. At the moment Mugen has come out with a full aero kit, suspension, wheels, an intake and a very curious looking exhaust.

Tuned by HKS

The CR-Z is quietly becoming the latest hot tuner car in Japan. Already HKS has outfitted a CR-Z and run the car at Fuji Speedway.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Best example of a street tuned car

One of the best street tuned cars ever produced is non other than the Amuse s2000 aka Touge monster.

The amuse s2000 is a light tuned car, Here are the list of mods done:

-Mugen intake
-Trust/GReddy spark plugs
-Amuse R1 EX Header
-Amuse R1000 Exhaust
-Amuse Hi-Tech ROM ECU
-Cusco MZ Type RS limited-slip differential

-Rays Engineering CE28N 17x9 wheels

-Amuse Hi-Tech Damper Kit - Spring rates: 12 kg/mm (f); 14 kg/mm ®

-Amuse 6 Pot R1 Conversion

-Recaro SP-G seats
-Amuse guages and twin meter (water/oil temp) panel
-Amuse R1 front bumper
-Amuse dry carbon hood, trunk, GT wing and hard top
-Craft Square mirrors

Sorry bout the video its one of the best short clips i can find on the net, hope you enjoy watching it.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Honda Insight tuned by Tommykaira

A good look for a new honda insight tuned by tommykaira. Usually tommykaira are meant for toyota cars but nows they decided to to work on honda cars. This result an amazing look especially on this honda insight. Hope that they can tuned more hondas in future. Hehe. We'll see.

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