Sunday, May 31, 2009

Midnight Sunday

Chillin` with Blazing R KB
Guess what mirror is this?? 

Sorry for the low quality image. pakai mobile geng~ :P

Friday, May 29, 2009

Volk Racing GTC- For SALE!

Volk Racing GTC-FACE 2 (gold) 
PRICE: $3000 (Rims + Tyre)

Rear: 18x9.0", offset: +44
pcd 114.3, Tyre: Yokohama es100 235/40 18

Front rim: 18x8.0", offset: +43
pcd 114.3, Tyre: Yokohama es100 225/40 18
Interested? Please Contact: Asul @ 8824945

Photo session at SHH pro shop pt. 1

Here are a few pictures that I managed to take during the photo session with hypertune magazine at SHH pro shop (Friday 29-05-2009 at 11.41am). Most of our blazing members also came for the photo session but most of us forgot to bring our camera so i just took a few shoot using my mobile phone camera for the memorable moments. Sorry for the quality of the picture. Anyway, enjoyyyyyyyy!. Hehehe.

Before the photoshoot start, one of the shh worker busy putting the sticker sponsored by SHH pro shop.

A few of a pose by blazing members

again same pose but at different angle.

CHARGESPEED `TunedDC5 Upgrades!

Since its establishment in 1986 in the city of Osaka, Chargespeed has been Japan's top quality manufacturer of body kits and other car performance accessories, parts, and decorative items. Our staff members have almost 20 years of experience in the production of these specialty parts. In Japan, we have our own facilities where we design and manufacture master models and tooling molds. Some products are legal for race purposes only and may not be use for any street and highway driving.

TunedDC5 Upgrades. looks really aggressive!!
ChargeSpeed Front Widebody Fenders + ChargeSpeed Vented Engine Hood
Completed at `AD22-Garage!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

OGURA Light Clutch

ORC LIGHT CLUTCH - PoisonDC5R Upgrades
- Quiet sound design - not noisy
- Custom colored clutch cover
- Lower cost overhaul possible compared to other kits
- Organic material used for clutch friction material
- Includes ORC lightweight flywheel offering 20-40% reduced weight compared to standard

For more info, visit Shh-proshop

Previous Stock Clutch
Alan in Action!
RAYS Dura-Nuts` Racing Quality
BuddyClub Racing Spec Exhaust System

Monday, May 25, 2009

Great pic from japanese tuning companys

Here is a few great honda pics taken from one of the websites.
Yellow or blue colour which one do you choose?

Ready for action.

Tracysport tuning cars

Well match color yellow and black. look mean and evilll.

No fear!!!!!!! Honda is here.

Djac racing another great honda tuning company.

Sunday, May 24, 2009

SHH ProShop - J's Racing Authorised Dealer

Great news for Honda owners. 
For your information, SHH PRO SHOP has just been appointed as the BRUNEI J's Racing Dealer. For more info Visit SHH Proshop

Friday, May 22, 2009

Group TRIP! Super GT Round 4 @ Sepang International Circuit

Established in 1994 by the Japanese Automobile Federation, the Super GT series is a grand touring car race series promoted by the GT-Association (GT-A) and recognized by the FIA. Races are held as part of a yearly series and take place on well known Japanese race tracks like Twin Ring Motegi, Fuji Speedway, and Suzuka Circuit.

A unique event combining mean machines and gorgeous GT queens; bringing a truly Japanese carnival-like atmosphere and motor racing fiesta to the circuit; Malaysia will host Round 4 of the 2009 championship, which will also feature some of the best regional races as the supporting events.

To be held from June 19 to 21, Sepang hosts the only international round of the hugely popular championship, which provides a sexy combination of stylish sports cars and gorgeous Japanese grid girls. The series came to Malaysia in 2000; but SIC was made an official race as one of the championship rounds in 2002.

JDMjunkies would like to organize a group trip to the Malaysian JGTC round this coming June and is open to everyone who's interested. 
For more details on how you can join the trip, click here

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Disney Pixar To Release Cars 2 - Releases Parody Of “Tokyo Drift” First

If you love watching cars get up to their best as much as we do then it wouldn’t matter to you if they came in real life video, or in plain ol’ cartoon or rather in today’s term, animation. Truth be told, we enjoyed Disney Pixar’s animated creation - Cars, and are all excited about the upcoming sequel, Cars 2 which is set to debut in the middle of 2011. Too long you say? Well, to hold us up till then and to keep us excited, Pixar has created a series of animated shorts called “Mater’s Tall Tales” that air on the Toon Disney network.

Each video features the lovable tow truck Mater recalling amazing stories from his past - the latest is a hysterical parody of The Fast and The Furious: Tokyo Drift. He recounts his story to Lightning McQueen, telling him of how he gets modified and challenged to a drift race in which the looser “will be stripped of all modifications and become.. STOCK!” The video had us laughing the entire time and is definately worth a watch. Can’t wait for Cars 2.

Source: AutoBlog

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dymium Fuel saver for sale

Hello I have three items available in stock. The price for each is $160. Each item contain 5 fuel magnetizer which is not only save fuel but also increase power and torque. Interested do text me. Thanks.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

FreakDC5 Wedding (cont')

Congratulation again to Mr.Asoy aka FreakDC5! 
Happy Newly Wed!!! :)

-Blazing R Family-

Saturday, May 9, 2009

FreakDC5 Wedding

Date: 10/05/09
Location: No:35 Kampung. Telamba Telisai, Tutong
 Time: 10.45am

Congratulation to FreakDC5! Happy Wedding!!! 
Semoga berbahagia sehingga ke anak cucu :)

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Chicks on speed!!

I figured since we have lady members on this club and Red Bull Rookie team is running a Honda DC2-R again this year, it should be an interesting read...

"Cantik, manja, lemah-lembut dan pandai bergaya. Itu yang boleh diperkatakan mengenai Puteri Ayu Jasmin Abdul Hamid, Leona Chin Lyweoi, Nur Hayati Omar dan Diana Chin tatkala pertama kali bertemu dengan mereka.

Pertemuan yang diatur di sebuah restoran di pusat beli-belah Sunway Pyramid baru-baru ini, memberikan pengertian yang amat berbeza mengenai keempat-empat gadis manis itu.

Dilihat daripada luaran, siapa yang akan menyangka bahawa mereka sebenarnya adalah pelumba kereta Red Bull Rookies. Malah mereka terpilih daripada seramai 2,500 orang pemohon yang ingin mencuba nasib.

Pencarian pemandu wanita Red Bull dimulakan atas inisiatif kerana kekurangan pemandu wanita yang mempunyai skil dan ingin menjadi pemandu kereta lumba.

Pemandu wanita yang berbakat diberikan latihan dan ditaja oleh Red Bull sehingga bersedia dan layak untuk berlumba di Litar Antarabangsa F1 Sepang dalam perlumbaan sejauh 1,000 kilometer....."

Read the full article here.

You can also follow their updates on the Red Bull Rookies Facebook page.


Guys/gals, our friend August77's ride has been awarded as the first "Mugen Centerfold Of The Month" on forum! Check it out here

Congrats bro! Keep up the good work...bah, bila kan masang Mugen steering? ;)

P/S: The title name had to be screened to avoid misunderstanding and controversy...haha

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Used Honda Civic EK4 for SALE...


Check out for more information or call the owner HJ @ +6738789748

K24/K20 Hybrid All Motor Cars

Here's some interested vids ofr K24/K20 Hybrid NA (All Motor) cars showing their impressive Torque and Timing..


11.99 Sec (1/4 Mile) - (Luis 2000 SI All Motor. K24/K20. Full weight, full interior, daily driven. Built by Cristian "Ti-Tec" Gomez, tuned by Colombia.)

EG K24@11,97 vs. EG B20Vtec (My car the green EG with B20Vtec vs my good friend, in this Fully build 2,5L K-Engine :) This drag was just for fun, Was sure to lose :) And it wasn't my best time. Enjoy :))

K24 All Motor Civic 307whp 11.2@124 - Turn up the volume to hear the music...!!

k24 eg twm 52mm itbs

My k24 crx runs 11.41@119 - all motor k24. stock tsx bottom end. at bradenton motorsports park florida.

All motor K24 Civic 11.7 TrevTec Motorsports

K24 Converted 2006 Honda Civic Si

Friday, May 1, 2009

Ronjon sport design wheels

RonJon Sport Design is the US company dedicated to providing Honda and Acura Owners with exclusively designed Exterior Styling Products.
Each design is 100% original from their in-house design studio and their products are engineered to the highest standards in order to meet the most discerning enthusiasts needs. Their wheels are Hubcentric to provide a vibration free ride, properly offset to avoid any rubbing on stock or lowered vehicles under any driving circumstance, and are specified properly to make sure they fit without changing the original vehicle's driving dynamics. Their Aerodynamic body-kits are made from high quality and durable polyurethane material, and always come with the needed hardware and mesh where applicable. Their kits are guaranteed with a perfect fitment and defect free craftsmanship. RonJon Sport Design is sure to bring your Honda or Acura vehicle to the next level of style. Finally, your car can perform as well as it looks without any sacrifice.
Here is some pics of the Hondas equipped with ronjon wheels.

Go to their website for more info