Saturday, February 28, 2009

J's racing little killer

Taken from:
Smaller car with a bigger horsepower (Another K24A engine install into the fit)Future Time Attack Contestants Pay Close Attention: You Have This Fit To Look Out For
By Jonathan Wong

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Newbies for your Hondas

Latest product from Volkracing RE30

RAYS Volk Racing RE30 Formula Limited 2008 EDITION!

ONLY 4000 wheels covering all sizes so BE QUICK to order!

These are based on the RAYS Volk Racing RE30 wheels with a special finish and colour.

Finished in Formula Silver with diamond cut & polished rim
Gun Metallic Euro Type Valves with RAYS logo caps.
Special Centre Caps are optional.

Inspired by Formula 1 Technology.

These are a forged one piece aluminium wheel. They are made from the finest aircraft grade 6061 aluminium. The wheels are made by a process called hot forging. A solid piece of aluminium billet is heated and is shaped applying compressive force from a press.

The 1st forging process is performed with a pressure of 5,000 kg’s per cm2. In the 2nd forging process 3,500 kg’s are applied per cm2. The lip is also forged to 3,500 kilograms per cm2. Forging refines the grain structure and improves the physical properties of the metal. With the advanced RAYS design process the grain flow can be oriented in the direction of principal stresses encountered in actual use. Grain flow is the direction of the pattern that the crystals take during forging. Physical properties (such as strength, ductility and toughness) are much better in a forging than in the base metal, which has, crystals randomly oriented. The excess material left on the wheel is then machined off (to tolerance of 1/100 of a millimetre). Powder coating and clear coating is done by a special proprietary process to ensure long lasting quality and durability.

This is why forged wheels can be made much lighter and stronger than an equivalent cast wheel, as less material can be used for a much higher equivalent strength. Cheap wheels are gravity cast, and during this process microscopic air bubbles form in the casting, weakening the structure further over the original material.

These wheels are available in most common offsets and PCD's to fit models listed on the Neweraparts site.

Sizes and PCD are available in 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19” Sizes.

Wheels are only available in FORMULA SILVER with Diamond Cut & polished rim.

Special Formula Centre caps are also available at extra cost.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Mugen Fit DIY intake upgrade

DIY intake upgrade by mugen fit using custom pipings and JB Tech silicon hoses connected to an apexi air cleaner.

Believe it or not he actually saved a lot of $$$ on his custom intake.

Job well done bro!! Keep the mods coming! K20A engine transplant perhaps? hehe

Happy 25th National Day Brunei

To all Readers especially Bruneian, 
Selamat  Menyambut Hari Kebangsaan Yang Ke 25 Tahun!
Support our country! with the theme "Kedewasaan Bernegara"

Good vs Evil?

The Dark Side

The Good Side?

Yin Yang

Photo by min16

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Custom bodykit for CRV 2007

Here a few pics of the day:

Low CRV with wide bodykit

Silver rocket CRV with turbo kit install.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

5 Zigen Civic type R

Taken from Jtuned website.
Back in 2007, 5Zigen built and groomed this FD-2 with the intent of dominating the NA unlimited class in The Super Lap Battle finale. No stranger to Motorsports, 5Zigen relied on their years of experience in JGTC and the Formula Nippon series to complete this ground up build in less than two months, an impressive feat for any team. With 5Zigen team driver Ryo Michigami behind the wheel, they achieved their goals of securing the win at Buttonwillow Raceway. Check the specs of this time attack champion below.

2007 Honda Civic Type-R

5 Zigen Civic Type-R

Engine Code: K20
Type: 2400cc (est.), in-line four, aluminum block and head, DOHC, iVTEC variable valve timing
Internal Modifications: Honda Step Wagon K24 short block, stock Civic Type-R cylinder head, Toda Racing camshafts

External Modifications: 5Zigen ProRacer exhaust header, Miracle Fireball exhaust, custom intake, oil catch tank, engine mounts, crossmember mounts, ARC radiator, Odyssey LB680 battery
Engine Management Modifications: Motec M800 ECU
Drivetrain Modifications: ORC clutch kit

Front: Ohlins DFV coilovers, H&R springs (20kg/mm), 5Zigen custom six-point chassis brace
Rear: Ohlins DFV coilovers, H&R springs (22kg/mm)
Front: Endless Micro-6 brake kit, 330mm two-piece slotted brake rotors, six-piston fixed calipers, CC-R brake pads
Rear: Endless CC-R brake pads

Wheels: ProRacer FN01R-C, 18×8.5
Tires: Falken Azenis RT-615, 235/40/18
Body: 5Zigen front carbon fiber undertray, Ings+1 body kit,
Honda Veni rear carbon fiber wing

Interior: Custom roll cage, seam-welded chassis, carbon Kevlar Bride bucket seats, Takata four-point harnesses, Defi gauges (oil temp, oil pressure, water temp, fuel pressure), Momo steering wheel, Works Bell steering boss, 5Zigen custom switch panel, pedal box, fire extinguisher, brake bias adjustment knob

Monday, February 16, 2009

Spoon2k's K&N Cold Air Intake

K&N high-flow air filter is designed to increase Horsepower and Acceleration.
Air filter is also washable and reusable.
For more info you can contact August77 @ Brunei Carbon or JDM Junkies.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

S2000 From HELL!!!

The Honda S2000 is nearing the end of its life cycle - but this won’t be the end of the S2000. The rev happy roadster will continue to draw our attention thanks to aftermarket tuners who compete against each other for the ultimate S2K. This example you see here is built by T1 Race Development - the stock 4-cylinder engine benefits from a Borg Warner S372R turbocharger, a T1 race manifold and 1,000cc Bosch Injectors. T1 also rerouted the exhaust pipes to the side of the car.

In this video that ends in with a humoristic notice from the behalf of its creators, the Honda-licious S2000 Roadster smokes about anything that it meets on the road, including a Suzuki GSXR 1000 sportsbike - though it does seem that the latter kinda let off in the end.

I must mention one thing though, that is the comment made by one of the readers of CarScoop, the seemingly well knowledge reader had this to say:

“I’m calling BS on this. 701 RWHP with a reasonable 15% driveline loss equals 825 hp at the flywheel. The stock S2000 makes a heady 237 hp at 7800 rpm from its 2.2L 4 cylinder. Now even allowing for that monster turbo, there’s no dang way the stock internals are supporting 350% more power than stock. If somehow they have managed to cheat fate by doing this, they won’t be for very long.

What’s more likely is that it makes 400 HP or so and is an absolute dog with more turbo lag than an entire dealer lot full of Ford Probes at anything less than highway RPMs. The stock (naturally aspirated) S2000 already is known for being gutless at low RPM due to its peaky nature, so I can only imagine what throwing a gigantic turbo on there would do to driveability. Okay, so it’s fast on the freeway I’ll give it that, but not much else.”

What’s your judgement on this ultra S2000?

Source: Diariomotor via CarScoop

Business School Fun Fair and Car Show

Business School 4th Anniversary Fun Fair

Car Show Invitation
Blazing Type R - Honda Club

Mini Cooper


A Big Thanks to dcz1111 for inviting us, walaupun last minute! hehehe
Also thanks to Business School Committees for the Souvenirs and Hospitality (GREAT FOOD) :P

*note to FreakDC5: makan free geng?? hehehe

Honda Civic K24 1000HP

Taken from

Honda Civic Type-R Hondata - H-Badge Monster

1,000whp Honda Civic
By Simon Cooke
Photography by Simon Cooke

Friday, February 13, 2009

FOR SALE...HONDA PRELUDE-Under The Hood-H22A DOCH VTEC With Some Mods, Manual Transmission...

This machine is equip with H22A DOCH VTEC under the Hood, That
requires 9100+ rpm shifts (REDLINE), which often result
in clothes to fly off, wheelspin & whiplash.

Selling for - 9K (neg)
Just text me up @ 8732285(aZiz-R12) if your interested d!o_o!b

For Sale

S2000 ap1/ap2 Tanabe strut bar - B$150

cusco oil catch tank (universal)- Sold

S2000 ap1/ap2 carbon fibre hood ( safety pins included )- B$900 neg.
Pics can be viewed in the archives in the blog.

just text me up @ 8899526 if your interested cheers~ :)

Spoon2k new upgrades?

Stay tuned!!
sabarrrr kau geng... sabarrrrrr~ hehehe


hehe you gotta love FEEL's ;) lol

photo by: Mike Garrett

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Mugen/Spoon Sock Reservoir covers

Whats New?? 
Just got our goodies today :) check it out!

VTEC Sports Magazine

Mugen Sock Reservoir Cover on DC5R (poison)

Spoon Sock Reservoir Covers on FD2R (min16)

Blazing Type R Rides!!